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Metzger Rosta LLP was formed by attorneys Mark Metzger and Tom Rosta with a focus to provide smart, thorough, and diligent representation for all of Metzger Rosta clients.

Every litigation attorney at the firm has experience representing insurers and insureds, as well as significant trial experience. Explore the different areas we specialize in and how we can provide cost-effective legal representation.


When it comes to choosing a law firm, large corporations, insurance carriers, small growing businesses, families and individuals share a common need – the need for expert assistance responsive to their unique circumstances and sensitive to the important issues and costs that are often at stake.

The attorneys at Metzger Rosta LLP individually and collectively specialize in various areas of legal practice, thus providing the expert assistance valued and requested by our clients.

We believe it is our duty to work in a team approach to resolve our clients’ legal problems and provide proactive counseling to minimize legal issues in the future as well as while continuing to provide alternative billing arrangement, when appropriate.


We also provide the following on every case:

  • A detailed and comprehensive initial defense plan and summary of recommended activities on every case, including an assessment and evaluation of liability and damages (no later than 30 days after assignment)

  • Any necessary budgets for legal work and expenses anticipated in the case

  • Timely and detailed status reports based on significant developments or based on client requirements with additional recommendations as needed

  • Client approval for substantial expenses

  • A teamwork approach between attorney and client as to the proper proactive methods of resolving a specific case in the most efficient manner

  • Pre-trial reports outlining our opinions as to the possible outcomes on each and every case


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