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Unfortunately, in today’s practice, lawyers must constantly be concerned about the potential for a malpractice claim. Not only are such claims personal to attorneys, but they can have significant repercussions on law firms, both financially and to his or her reputation. We believe the best way to avoid a legal malpractice claim is to manage risks associated with the practice of law. That is why we offer a wide range of services to attorneys and their firms on such matters as agreements between partners or owners, engagement letters and client contracts, ethics advice and training, file management and conflict systems, office sharing agreements and professional liability policies and coverage issues.

Despite best efforts, even the most careful, knowledgeable, and reputable attorney may experience a malpractice claim at some point during the course of his or her career. That is when our experience in representing attorneys and their professional liability insurers in such claims proves to be invaluable. Whether it is a pre-claim matter, or a suit pending in state or federal court, we have the skill to thoroughly analyze the liability and damages aspect of the claim and evaluate the best approach for resolving the dispute quickly and cost-effectively. Furthermore, we have expertise in handling the so called "case within a case" aspect of legal malpractice claims. Whether the underlying claim involves a personal injury suit, a real estate or business transaction, an estate or trust issue, or a tax matter, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to aggressively and effectively defend the claim.

Appreciating that our clients in these cases are sophisticated and knowledgeable, we welcome their input in not only devising a resolution plan that meets their goals, but in implementing it as well. Recognizing that some claims are frivolous, while others have merit, our clients respect the candor with which we evaluate and report on the claim. When appropriate, we focus on resolving cases early through motion practice, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. However, some cases just need to be tried. We have the reputation of being zealous advocates for our clients in the courtroom, with the ability to simplify even the most complex cases, thereby enabling the jurors to understand them, and return the appropriate verdict.

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